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The lines in the Oscar .properties file are only minimally commented. Some additional details, until they get folded into the oscarmcmaster site, are available from the following developer's URL:

Additional info:

  • 'visittype's are in the database table billingvisit
    • British Columbia default of O|Physician's office should instead be A|Physician's office in community... the codes changed in Sept 2006 (memo) -- JamesBusser - 4 Feb 2007
  • 'visitlocations's are in the database table billinglocation. -- DavidGrant - 13 Sep 2006
  • 'dataCenterId's are probably in the billcenter table although my billcenter table has no index and no data in it I don't think. -- DavidGrant - 13 Sep 2006
  • the msp_error_codes property is only required if you want to override the default error codes kept in the CVS here
    • the MSP error codes file needs to be a properties file, which has the format of key=value just like the oscar.properties file
    • it looks like the default setting for msp_error_codes is setting it to empty? Should the default be to have it commented out? -- DavidGrant - 13 Sep 2006
  • the default_view property sets the default view of the billing codes on the billing screen. It corresponds to the servicetype field in the ctl_billingservice table. If you create a new form of the codes you use regularly, you could set the default_view to that.
  • clinic_view and clinic_no are Ontario specific.

-- JamesBusser - 28 Jun 2006

Hi Jim,


-- DavidGrant - 13 Sep 2006
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