Wiki Conventions

If you create a new section in the GnumedManual, insert an anchor and create a link from the DocumentationIndex topic.

If you create a new topic or section to do with development, insert an anchor and create a link from the DevelopmentReference topic.

We have no formal writing guide, but consider these good documents techniques.

As a handy tip, if the topic page is getting lengthy with many sections and it would be clearer to the user, consider to auto-generate a table of contents (TOC) within the page by including the Twiki variable TOC (embraced on each side by a % symbol, see "More formatting help" available inside the page editor) . Typically we include the TOC variable immediately after the first heading and any introductory text. Typically, we exclude the first heading by appending !! after the heading marker's +(+) as is visible if you edit this page, though it does not use a TOC.

The readability of a GnuMed plan or guide can get cluttered by such useful information as the item's
  • rationale
  • alternative approaches (description, why not chosen, any dissenting views)
  • feedback
    • who has got it working?
    • any problems, and any work-arounds
    • misc

Such content is best moved to a "child" page named by appending, to the WikiTopic name, the suffix _disc creating WikiTopic_disc.

The original page, beneath its heading, should be provided a link to the discussion in italicized, non-heading text as [[WikiTopic_disc Discussion]]

-- JamesBusser - 19 Jun 2004
Topic revision: 24 May 2009, JamesBusser
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