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Content-related changes

High priority items

  • Tony to create an index to the FAQs page to enable the positioning order field which presently does not work

  • Tony to work out with Jim acceptable revision to the web layout (directories) as per WebsiteMenu

* Hide / disable "Forums" until purpose clearer
    • I agree, I think they should be removed and we should just use the mailing list for now, nothing else. -- DavidGrant? - 04 Feb 2004

  • Status reports on project components
    • RoadMap has been transferred & updated

  • Integrate material into site
    • little to do
      • the white papers have been copied into the developer manual
      • no harm in leaving gnotary at

  • New colours - done

Medium priority items

  • Better TOC, with non-monotype font, spaced out a bit more
  • New, single logo (site features Gnu with snake AND Dr Tux; Gnumed is not Linux specific)
    • Jim, the site has the Gnu logo and the snake, not Tux. Gnu is OK, non-Linux specific. -- DavidGrant? - 04 Feb 2004
      • David, it has both, Gnu logo with snake in the masthead, Tux within the upper left corner of the main page -- JamesBusser? - 05 Feb 2004
    • Oh yeah you are right. We should definitely move to a single logo -- DavidGrant? - 10 Feb 2004
  • Make sure logo and all aspects of site have same colour scheme
  • HTML docbook docs for docs which might not change as often
  • check periodically on the status of Dia which at last assessment doesn't do auto-arrangement therefore we are using pg autodoc for the database schema

Low priority items

  • improve the wiki-like function built into

  • Get rid of German site. I don't think Tony's site can do different languages easily though? Ideas please... Should we force/encourage them to just use the english site? -- DavidGrant? - 04 Feb 2004
    • Before disabling, find out from Sebastian if there's anything that ought to be ported; after disabling, there may yet be additional content worth milking for ideas for -- JamesBusser? - 05 Feb 2004
  • Decide if we need to reserve the domain (for future use & to prevent abuse)
    • Might not be worth the money right now, google shouldn't show as a big hit if there aren't many links on the web to it. -- DavidGrant? - 04 Feb 2004

Non-content changes

  • Develop clarity in what the site is to achieve & work from there
    • Determine how site can assist project management (getting things done)
    • Resolve relative roles of various tools (forums, mail lists)
  • Streamline Gnumed, considering info elsewhere:
    • Avoid attracting (hosting) discussions that are better served elsewhere (e.g. on Open Health)
    • Avoid authoring definitions & descriptions beyond Gnumed, when such are already hosted elsewhere (e.g. wikipedia)
    • When Gnumed info needs to reside elsewhere, do not copy within except to summarize; instead, point
    • Where possible, reduce related sites to bare essential info, otherwise relocating it to & pointing

-- JamesBusser? - 13 Jul 2004
Topic revision: 15 Jul 2004, JamesBusser
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