• Requisite: clean room GNUmed installation
  • Execution: all test cases must be executed sequentially, to avoid the excessive nasty work of always starting from a clean installation and should take advance of the effects of previous tests: eg.patient edition tests can be performed taking into account the values entered during patient creation tests.
  • Result values:
    • OK: everything works as defined.
    • WARNING: the feature is mostly working but there are still some minor problems, that are described in Report section.
    • ERROR: the feature is broken, the details are specified in Report section.

Test case Result Report GNUmed version ExecutorSorted ascending Date
Patient wizard from menu bar          
Patient wizard from patient search          

++++ Patient wizard from menu bar
  • Execution:
    • 'Patient' menu -> 'Register new patient'.
  • Expected result: the create patient wizard is launched.


++++ Patient wizard from patient search
  • Execution:
    • Enter a new name (not in test data) in top patient name text field.
    • A warning arises about redirecting to patient creator wizard.
    • Press OK
  • Expected result: the create patient wizard is launched.


++++ Dogtail
  • dogtail is the Desktop GUI Tester for Linux. It is a GUI test tool and automation framework written in Python that uses Accessibility (a11y) technologies to communicate with desktop applications. dogtail scripts are written in Python and executed like any other Python program.
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