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GNUmed Error Reporting

Whenever an exception occurs in the GNUmed Python code for which there is no specific handler a dialog is shown which allows the user to inform the GNUmed developers about the error condition by email.

Q: How does it send Mail ?
A: It tries to send the E-Mail to the GNUmed "bugs" mailing list.

Q: Is some sort of setup needed (smtp server) because you could use it to send spam mail, can't you ?
A: No.

Q: What information is sent to the GNUmed developers ?
A: GNUmed's talkback client feeds off of the standard log mechanism. So, yes, since that may contain full or partial dumps of the execution context it might include sensitive information. However, no mail is sent automatically. The user has to explicitly ACK sending out data. Additionally the user can control to whom information is sent, and whether or not the log file is included.
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