Getting GNUmed source from VCS

VCS: Version Control System, another term is SCM: Source Code Management

Getting GNUmed sources

Your system should be ready to run GNUmed if it meets the following requirements. What you need to download now is the GNUmed source code itself. You need a program called git. Git is program that helps programmers manage source code in a so called repository. Mac OS does not ship with git pre-installed but it is included in the optional Xcode installer on the Mac OS Install DVD (needs confirmation). Please check if you have git installed.

Open a shell and type
   git --version

and it tell you something about the Git version you have installed. This means you have a command line Git client installed.

Now you need to get the GNUmed source code from the public Git repository. This is called a checkout. It means you check out a copy of the source code from the Git repository (master tree). Note that installing a copy of the Git repository isn't intended to be available system-wide. In fact, the client has been programmed to refuse to run under root and should be installed under the directory of the user that is to use it e.g. /home/userLogin/ with a suggested path: projects/gm-git/

You have at least three options to actually get GNUmed from CVS:

  1. manually:
  2. Use a shell script which makes use of the commandline git client:
    • make a directory on your computer into which you want the source to go, and change into it
    • download into it the shell script gm-mirror_vcs
    • make the script executable (chmod +x gm-mirror_vcs)
    • run the script and a directory called gnumed will be created, containing all the files you will need. (For those still new to command line, ./ must be prepended i.e. ./gm-mirror_vcs.)

You should now have a directory called gnumed in the directory you called the commands from, either via shell script, graphical user interface or command line. Note that this directory contains the full source of GNUmed and is a fully Git tracked repository all by itself.

Assuming you have already taken care of the dependencies as linked above, you should be "good to go". Proceed to GmManualStartingGnumed.

Becoming a developer

Your clone of the public Git tree is a full copy of the public repository. You've got everything right there to start coding. Learn your way around Git and start doing things. You might find helpful, on the devel list, this brief thread.

Once you've got something you want to contribute, set up a publically accessible git tree for it (perhaps on ?) and send a pull request to the mailing list. Karsten will pick it up and work with you on getting it merged into his tree by which it becomes part of the GNUmed source code proper and can be included in future releases.

Assuming you have already taken care of the dependencies as linked above, you should be "good to go". Proceed to GmManualStartingGnumed.
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