Sort-of Referral Letter

evolving along thread:

# Centred
Originating Practice Information
Horizontal bar

# Left justified

# In future, select from patient's or general contacts
# <Destination name & address>
#Dear <addressee>
# but for now:

To whom it may concern:

re: indent <UPPERCASE(lastname) + COMMA + SPACE + (firstnames)
indent   Date of birth: <date of birth>
indent    <list of other identifier name:value pairs>

# also desirable to include patient address and contact information
# also next of kin
# to conserve space I am wondering about making the above side-by-side information
# maybe left side = patient identifiers, right side = the other demographic info

This will hopefully give helpful introduction to this now <age if less than two years, in months, else in years> <months or years> old <sex/gender>.

# For future *real* letter we a method of inserting another paragraph of referral text
# Maybe part of a SOAP note under the problem of interest
# perhaps the A summarizes what is being wondered or worried about
# perhaps the P would hold what is already arranged, or being arranged, as well as any expectations or requests that the referring doctor would have.
# this SOAP may often, but not always, be the last under the thread.

Please find attached a summary of relevant portions of their medical file.


<Clinician generating the referral>
# italics
on behalf of;
# plain text
<Patient's Customary Doctor in Praxis>

page break

thread of current episode of referral problem

Medications (and other substances)


Problem List



page break

Last 3 months (or 100 rows?) of measurements

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