Social History Categories


  • Immigrant status - year of arrival
  • country of birth
  • reasons for move (economic, religious, family, war)
  • Language used at home


  • house
  • flat
  • caravan
  • shack
  • tent
  • natural shelter
  • group accommodation (barracks or hostel)

Family type

  • Nuclear family
  • 3 generation family
  • Single parent + children
  • multiple adults
  • Marital status
  • Sexuality
  • Dependents


  • primary
  • secondary
  • tertiary
  • total years of schooling if less than 10


  • This person's goals for their own life
  • Jobs - past and present
  • Actual place of work
  • If ever in prison
  • Retired
  • Jobseeking
  • Not in regular Workforce
  • Subsistence existence
  • Not cash economy
  • work from home
  • social security benefit recipient

Drug use

  • method of administration (intravenous, smoking, oral, sniffed)
  • substances used (tobacco, alcohol, THC, amphetamines, ecstasy, kava and others)


  • Leisure activities
  • Sporting activities (past and present)
  • Diet
  • Religion
  • Political affiliation
  • Military Service (conflict, type of service eg navy, guerilla)
  • Was this person a prisoner of war or interned?
  • Does another individual deal with this person's financial affairs (legal or informal arrangement)
  • Does another individual deal with this person's medical decisions? (legal or informal arrangement)
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