Send patient's electronic medical record to specialist

There are times when a specialist will call a GP and ask for documents like EKGs, old hopsital discharge documents or lab data.
Sometimes the specialist will not just call but rather send an instant message via GNUmed.ipath. ipath refers to the Jabber transport we are to build for this.
Workflow could be like this:

case 1) - SP request documents from GP

1.) SP opens Jabber client, connects to on SSL secured connection
2.) selects GP from roster and requests documents for Jane Doe. I,II
3.) GP gets an IM requesting documents
4.) GP right-clicks on the patient name and selects 'pull up in GNUmed' III or moves the message to doctor's inbox in GNUmed IV
5.) GP selects requested information (e.g. EMR tree) and clicks 'patient' --> 'send documents' from GNUmed's menu.

case 2) - GP consults SP on skin lesion

1.) GP opens jabber client and talks to dermatologist ( about a rash who doesn't use GNUmed.
2.) GP pulls up patient in GNUmed.
3.) selects 'rash' from EMR tree episodes
4.) right clicks and selects 'online consultation' (V)
5.) GP is presented with a input field for jabber contact selection

I - Since SP has an account with he has undergone some sort of verification that SP is a doctor. When SP gets an account he is added to the roster of GP automatically in section 'collegues'. Once GP verifies the true identity of SP , SP gets added to 'trusted collegues'
II - SP pulls up patient in local GNUmed (GNUmed on a stick or whatnot). SP clicks on 'patient' --> 'request documents' from GNUmed's menu.This sends a request to '' and optionally ' The request is generated by SP's GNUmed and contains patient information and a request line with additional information. Messages to '' are handled automatically by GNUmed
III - This is client dependent. This transmits the patient name as well as the requesting jid to GNUmed and pulls up the patients inside GNUmed.
IV - A message is added to GNUmed's inbox ('Request for documents on Jane Doe from Dr. Joe Average')
V - This brings up a jabber client like 'cocciella' and send the exported file to

we need to fill occupation
we need to save source (performing doctor) for incoming documents to build a list of treating doctors per patient
ejabberd needs to present realnames, nicknames and specialty

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