Note that the roadmap tends to be kept small and focused on the next release. Good-to-have or need-to-(eventually)-do type items are maintained over on the ToDo page.

Status definitions

some ideas are floating about in the list or the Wiki and some code may reside in test-area, not part of gnumed yet
first implementation, not completely functional, almost untested
advanced implementation, functional, developer-tested and possibly early adopters
release(d) quality, tested by a large number of users, (supposed) to contain no (severe) bugs

Existing releases


Version 1.1 release notes
Description Status
see release notes above beta

Version 0.9 - release notes
Description Status
use much enhanced, file-based FreeDiams API beta
support primary provider on patients beta
support array of contextual FKs per inbox message beta
support dicomscope as DICOM viewer beta
support summary field on health issues and episodes beta
translate database strings from within client beta
simplistic coding systems browser beta
cloning of workplaces beta
hook "post_person_creation" beta
placeholder: "emr_journal::soap//%(narrative)s//255//tex::9999" alpha
LaTeX template: chronological EMR journal beta
placeholder: "free_text::tex//::9999" beta
LaTeX template: generic free-text medical statement beta
full manual management of drug and substances beta
implement our own date picker beta
implement searchable tags with image/name/comment on patients beta
Greek translation beta
log failed gm-dbo access during restricted procedures beta
change gm-dbo password from client beta
implement leaving a message for oneself/other providers beta
Gulich Score on GABHS in sore throat beta
implement generic method for downloading data packs beta
placeholder: "soap_for_encounters::soap//::9999" beta
make client font configurable beta

Version 0.8 - release notes
Description Status
Add lookup to current substances plugin beta
hook: "after_soap_modified beta
new placeholders beta
score: Rome diagnostic criteria on obstipation beta
score: Cincinatti Stroke Scale (F.A.S.T.) beta
score: bacterial UTI algorithm beta
score: coronary artery disease in primary care beta
score: ABCDEF & Glasgow-7-points for identifying atypical moles beta
report: patients taking drug X beta
graphing of ranges of measurements beta
support emergency contact beta
support comment directly on identity beta
Add report ADR from within current substances plugin beta
list view of database audit trail beta
management of vaccinations and vaccines beta
templates for writing a plugin [thanks S.Hilbert] beta
Windows: switch to "DejaVu Sans" font for improved unicode display alpha
path to get up and running on Macintosh [thanks J.Busser] alpha
useful error dialog when database connection lost beta
email log file on demand from menu beta
support Canadian MSVA format as external patient source beta

Version 0.7 - release notes
Description Status
manage diagnostic orgs beta
manage date of death per patient beta
manage discontinuation of substance intake beta
turn substance intake entry into allergy beta
new hooks for lab entries beta
visual progress notes beta
initial support for FreeDiams drug database frontend including install helper beta
commandline option --ui=<web/wxp> with rudimentary CherryPy? frontend beta
show list of all configuration settings beta
configurable web search for test type from test result edit area beta
systemwide/user-level optional shutdown scripts invoked from /usr/bin/gnumed beta
Centor/McIsaac-Score as keyword expansions beta
man pages for backup scripts beta
partial Catalan translation beta

Version 0.6 - release notes
Description Status
simple (manual) current medication support alpha
expanded patient creation widget in which to also input a primary external id draft
lab: display profiles draft
lab: edit meta test types draft
lab: export to text file/PDF (via LaTeX) draft
lab: configurable standard meta types weight/height/waist/RR draft
lab: LDT import alpha
patient overview: BMI/configurable "last lab" draft
family history consolidation alpha

Version 0.5
Description Status
person w/o DOB vs. patient beta
lab: list/delete meta/real test types beta
EMR: move (split) progress notes between encounters beta
EMR: delete progress notes beta
EMR: manage patient encounters from a list beta
EMR: group (sort) health issues beta
track hospital stays beta
delete workplaces from GUI beta
interface with ARRIBA beta
import LOINC beta
import ATC beta
new/simpler placeholder style for OOo documents beta
revision info in EMR Journal view beta
improved display of measurement types in grid beta

Version 0.4
Description Status
improved progress notes handling beta
improved text expansions beta
minimum HIPAA support beta
patient merging beta
long description support for docs beta
Waiting List beta

Version 0.3
Description Status
infrastructure: logging cleanup beta
infrastructure: cfg/cli cleanup beta
provider inbox improvements beta
client update notification beta
document handling improvements beta
progress notes improvements beta
first iteration lab handling beta


Version 0.2.8
Description Status
visualize report results beta
improved file format handling in archive beta
Snellen Chart sort of beta
KVK handling consolidation beta
workplace manager beta
rewritten demographics handling beta
configuration via GUI beta

Version 0.2.7
Description Status
KOrganizer support (Linux) beta
Terminiko support beta
letter generation with OOo beta
user accessible slave mode beta
Welcome Message editor beta

Version 0.2.6
Description Status
bootstrapping improvements beta
first release with official MacOSX support beta
simple data mining (aka report generator) beta
consolidation of patient picture handling beta
user accessible client debugging support beta

Version 0.2.5
Description Status
GNotary support on backup beta
improved phrasewheel beta
document archive: handle original filename beta
visual indication of patient birthday beta
initial KVK handling beta
connection pooling beta
generalized hooks framework beta
allergies handling beta

Version 0.2.4
Description Status
document import: XSane interface beta
consultation management beta
episode management beta
export documents into disk beta
drop files onto GNUmed as new documents beta
link to DICOM viewer beta
link to firefox beta
custom database backup script beta
stage 2 link to ifap index drug database beta
framework for custom script hooks beta

Version 0.2.3
Description Maintainer Hackers Status
migrate to psycopg2     beta
improve business object class     beta
xDT browser plugin     beta
past history consolidation     beta
database backup script for UNIX     beta
stage 1 link to ifap index drug database     beta

Version 0.2 "Librarian"
Description Maintainer Hackers Status
date & time input widget Karsten   beta
document scan/import   Karsten, Sebastian beta
documents viewer with review   Karsten, Sebastian beta
provider inbox: jump to unreviewed documents Karsten   beta
adding users/staff   Karsten beta
deleting users/staff   Karsten beta
editing users/staff   Karsten beta
free-text search across EMR Karsten Karsten beta
verify database version at client startup Karsten Karsten beta

Version 0.1 "Scrollkeeper": released ~Aug 30, 2005
Description Maintainer Hackers Status
patient input Carlos Moro Karsten Hilbert beta
patient modification   Carlos Moro beta
patient search Karsten   beta
progress notes input Karsten Carlos beta
progress notes viewer Carlos Karsten beta
progress notes ASCII export Carlos Karsten beta
third party application connectivity Karsten   beta
simple ConfigRegistry plus complete default config data Hilmar Berger   beta


Future releases

Version 1.2
Description Status
refactor some panels pending

future versions
Description Status
Sort Of Referral Letter blueprint
Capacity to pass certifications reference
keyword-triggered data entry  
Emacs based appointments draft
interoperability: OSHIP  
decision support: EGADSS  
forms: OOo Wollmux or OHT xmlprocess  
HL7: Mirth  
billing by invoice: LedgerSMB or OpenERP or LxOffice  
RandomForm(tm) support draft
STC based progress note editor alpha
forms handling with OOo alpha
CAVE handling draft
improved staff management draft
document archive: object metadata window draft
EMR search consolidation draft
EMR tree consolidation draft
external program framework alpha
vaccinations beta
referrals handling alpha
requests handling  
drug information browser  
billing draft
BMI calculator pre-beta
dermatology: diagnostic support tool pre-beta
interoperability frameworks  
maintaining who within the praxis is a patient's "default" provider  
maintaining a record of past, current, and future-intended external providers, per patient  


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