Promoting Gnumed

  • topic initiated for Carlos' use-case of putting together a presentation
  • we can later build on this, to include co-operative models by which doctors fund some development and support, how to nurse your local IT community into being able to provide support, business models that will enable gnumed to be healthy without being expensive... (todo: Sebastian has built some documents that could be translated later when there is time)

Presentation for executive sponsors and managers (just topic ideas)

  • is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) beneficial? How? Would it REALLY be a benefit, or is this only what geeks and people enamored with technology would have us believe?
  • in contemplating an EMR, what is important? what do we most want to assure, to really achieve the most fundamental benefits? what would be the pitfalls or biggest mistakes one could make when choosing an EMR?
  • what does it mean "Open Source", and how is it different from a (lock-in) "commercial" EMR?
  • why do people bother to build an Open Source project? Are they nuts giving it away? There must be a catch, no? (link to some of Andreas' thoughts also check and a link Andreas mentions at the top of the page)
  • what exactly are the costs? are there hidden costs? the EMR vendors tell us the savings are illusory, Open Source will cost us more over time
  • who supports it?
  • what happens if our needs change?
  • what will be my "Return On Investment" (ROE)
  • ok, if I am liking what I am hearing about Open Source
    • doesn't it need to run on Windows? can it run on Windows? Should we use Windows?
    • what are the strengths and any weaknesses of GnuMed against other choices?
      • can it (yet) do what we need?
      • what more is needed to improve / augment the function?
      • can we expect a lot of red tape to improve / augment the function? ("I may be stuck in a bureaucracy but do not want to deal with another!")
      • why isn't anyone else using this? Would we be the first ones? Is anyone else looking to (maybe or definitely) use GnuMed?
  • if we were going to do this, what would be the steps?
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