Prescribing Reports

The process by which a medication becomes part of the treatment plan is described at PrescribingProcessClinical. The computing approach is taking shape at PrescribingInterface.


I am playing with an alternate format for this as PrescribingReportsTemp and will verwrite this with its contents if it's satisfactory - Jim B

This report is the most often required report from the prescribing module. It should contain
  • Name of prescriber
  • Address of prescriber
  • Telephone number for prescriber
  • Patient's Name
  • Patient's Address
  • Name of prescribed drug
  • Strength and Form of prescribed drug
  • Quantity of drug and if any repeats of the prescription are allowed
  • Instructions for use of prescribed drug
  • Name and Qualifications of prescriber
  • the prescriber's signature (done the old fashioned way)
  • a list of latin abbreviations is available here
  • You might consider adding the indication, to inform the patient and Pharmacist, and a free space to add things like "Blood test due". AKM

Australia (and Canada's British Columbia) further require:
  • The prescriber's identity number
  • Narcotic prescriptions are one per page, and require numerals and words for quantity and repeats authorised
  • Expensive drugs on PBS are 'Authority' and need a reason for use and a code from a clerk obtained by telephone or by posting prescription to the clerk.

In Australia there are the following further legislative additions
  • The patient's address is a street address, not the mailing address
  • Drugs on the PBS or RPBS scheme need the prescription marked as such (check box)
  • Private prescriptions have no such marking
  • Maximum of three drugs per page
  • Authority scripts are one per page
  • PBS, RPBS, Private, Narcotic and Authority scripts cannot be mixed on one page
  • Each script has a number issued consecutively by the prescribing program
  • Scripts are marked that changes in brand supplied are either permitted or not (a check box)
  • Medicare, Veterans Affairs and Social Security Identity numbers are preferred to be printed on the script
  • Scripts which can have all the repeats dispensed at once are marked Reg 24 (Regulation 24)

Medication List

This report is a simple list from the drugs list for the patient, intended to inform another medical professional, eg as a report embedded in a letter or as a quick list for a pharmacist or hospital doctor.
  • Name of patient
  • Date of Birth or Unique Identifier
  • medications listed with * name * strength * form * abbreviated instructions
  • also useful: indication(s), accompanying allergy/intolerance report

Medication Chart

This report is intended to allow the patient or carer to check that they have all the required medications and a scheme for taking the medications. It forms a table of which this is a simplified form
  • Name of patient
  • Date of Birth or Unique Identifier
  Quantity to Take
Name & Strength morning midday night
drug 1 40mg     1
drug 2 150mg 1   1
drug 3 75mg 2    
drug 4 2mg     1

Medication Administration Chart

This is a report whose function is to allow prescribing in an institution with places on the chart for staff to initial when drugs are administered. In Australia the full chart is 42 days long (long-stay patients) and the short chart 7 days (hospital use). There is a patient identification panel at the top.

    time day day day day day day
drug 1 name 0800            
  dose 1200            
  route 1800            
  frequency 2200            
drug 2 name 0800            
  dose 1200            
  route 1800            
  frequency 2200            
drug 3 name 0800            
  dose 1200            
  route 1800            
  frequency 2200            
drug 4 name 0800            
  dose 1200            
  route 1800            
  frequency 2200            
drug 5 name 0800            
  dose 1200            
  route 1800            
  frequency 2200            
drug 6 name 0800            
  dose 1200            
  route 1800            
  frequency 2200            

-- DrLizAu - 07 Feb 2005

Spanish prescriptions seem to come as three copies, with a picture of the medicine on them. Useful. UK ones are less fancy and do not come with an aide memoire for the patient, which is a good idea and one I also wrote and sometimes use. It can also be useful to pass to a specialist so they know what the patient is supposed by us to be taking.

There are pictures of UK prescription forms at

Separating the printing from the queueing of prescriptions is probably a good idea for i18n.

-- AdrianMidgley - 29 May 2005
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