Prescribing Abbreviations

Glossary of Abbreviated Latin Prescription Terms

Abbreviation Full Name
aa, ana of each
a.c. before meals (or food)
ad lib. at pleasure
aeq., aequal. equal
alb. white
amp. ampoule
aq. ad water up to
aur. dext. in (or to) the right ear
aur. laev. (or sinist.) in (or to) the left ear
b.i.d. (or b.d.) twice daily
c., c, cum with
caps. capsule
chart. powder (wrapped)
collyr. eye water
d. day
d.t.d. let such doses be sent
dos. dose
et and
ex (or in) aq. in water
Ext. extract
F., f., ft. make, let it (them) be made
F.s.a. make according to the art
fl. fluid
flav. yellow
fort. strong
gtt. drop(s)
h.s. at bedtime
h.s.s. to be taken at bedtime
ibid in the same place
i.c. between meals
idem the same
lev. light
liq. solution, liquid
lin. liniment
lot. lotion
m.d., mod. dict. as directed
m.d.a. to be applied as directed
m.d.s. to be taken as directed
M.D.S. mix, dispense, label
m.d.u. to be used as directed
M., ft. mist. (caps.) (ung.) let a mixture (capsule) (ointment) be made
mitis mild
Mitte talis send of such
moll. soft
neb. nebula, spray
ne rep., non rep. do not repeat
no. (in number)
nocte (at) night
N.P., nom. prop. by its proper name
O. pint
Ocul. eye
Oculent. eye ointment
O.d. in the right eye
O.h., om.h. every hour
O.h. 2(ii), 3(iii), etc. every two, three hours
O.l., o.s. in the left eye
O.m., om.m., om. man. every morning
O.n., om.n., om. noct. every night
Opt. best
O.u. in each eye
parv. small
past. paste or pastille
p.c. after meals (food)
P.E. powdered extract
per os orally, by mouth
pil. pill
pond. heavy
P.P.A. shake the bottle first
ppt. precipitate(d)
pro for
p.r.n. when (as) required
pulv. powder(ed)
q.d. every day
q.2d. every 2 days
q.i.d. four times daily
qq.h. or q.h. every hour
qq.2h. or q.2h. every 2 hours
qq.q.h. or q.q.h. or q.4h. every 4 hours
q.s. a sufficient quantity
rep. repeat
s.a. according to art
s.n., suo nom. by its own name
s.o.s. if necessary
Sp., Spt. spirit
s., sig., signa label
ss., ss one-half
stat. at once
supp. suppository
syr. syrup
tab. tablet
tal. such
t.d.s. to be taken three times daily
t.i.d. or t.d. three times daily
t.i.d.a.c. three times daily before meals
Tinct., Tr. tincture
tuss. cough
ung. ointment
ut dict., u.d. as directed
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