Patient Summary

… represents a yet-to-be implemented plugin for GNUmed, aggregating essential and high-value content from a patient's record. Also known as a "patient overview". For the under-development, browser accessible web client, see PatientSummaryForBrowsers.

This was begun as a to-do here:

Example from other projects include:

Possible content:

  • Disabilities that may affect communication, or cognition, or care access, or caregivers if patient is not fully competent
  • Inbox items, filtered on patient
  • Unreviewed incoming labs, documents, communications
  • Waitlist (to-do) items
  • Next visit date
  • Problem list / Health Issues, bold face type the Currently active issues, showing date on which last worked on (per Issue)
  • Last encounter
    • even better if I can expand last encounter PER ISSUE - mini tree view - or at least the soa_P of these Issues)
  • Current medication - expand tree view? - hopefully with the corresponding Issue
  • Existence or not of documents and exams (a "yes" to the question: "Documents / Measurements exits for this patient?" is ok)
  • Allergy state

Design goals and functional considerations:

  • one pane (whole top level notebook plugin giving the best possible synopsis of
    "what is the latest state of this patient's clinical problems"
  • some use of splitters may be helpful
  • two types of drilldown from the synopsis:
    • hovering tooltips more information
    • selection (say within lists) displays more detail of the selected item in a "common details display area"
      • --> can also mean to be taken to a dedicated plugin.
  • more complex interaction with individual items by
    • right click context menu (say, adding)
    • double click action (say, editing)
  • inclusion of one or more URLs could also be considered
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