Menu Reference

This page is referenced from the GNUmed client user interface menu "Help > Menu reference (www)".

Main menu items can all be accessed from the keyboard by virtue of these items' "active letters". Denoted with an underscore "_" and generally being the first letter of the menu word, active letters are accessed using a combination of the letter with the keyboard modifier key "alt" (doubling, on Apple keyboards, as the "option" key).

Once positioned anywhere inside the menu system, you can
  • navigate in any direction, using the cursor (arrow) keys
  • utilize active letter shortcuts (when available) on submenu items
  • invoke a menu on which you are positioned, using "enter" or "return"
  • exit the menu system using the escape "esc" key

This menu reference page provides only a brief account of the items. Links are provided when the item (or enclosing concept) is dealt with elsewhere in greater detail. Most recently, the GNUmed menus have been:

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