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This simply offers a convenient listing of those plugins which have been loaded, left to right, into the GNUmed toolbarwhich runs along the bottom of the client window. Each submenu item provides an "active letter" which in combination with the "Alt" key permits rapid jumping, between plugins, from the keyboard. Exactly which plugins are included, and their sequence, is stored with and determined by the WorkPlace that is loaded at the startup of the current client.

Check for updates

Provided the internet is accessible, GNUmed will check whether there exists some newer official release than the version of the client that is currently in use. Checking is done only within the current generation or series ("branch") of GNUmed:
  • within any one branch, a newer version will contain only bug fixes and will only rarely require a downtime patch-up of the database
  • when the current client is in fact up to date, this will be reported in the status area at the bottom left of the GNUmed window

Checking is not done on newer generations (branches) of GNUmed, since there is a risk that these cannot be usefully downloaded or installed without first co-ordinating an update to the server software including some upgrading of the (version of the) GNUmed database. To identify the state of new branch, see ReleaseStatus.

Announce downtime

Provides the means whereby anyone administering an installed GNUmed can warn all connected users that they need to log off in order for maintenance work to be done.


List configuration



Welcome message

Client parameters…

Export chunk size

Email address

User interface…

Document handling

Update handling

Patient search has three subitems:

  • Birthday reminder
  • Immediate source activation
  • Initial plugin

Progress notes handling

External tools…

MI/stroke calc cmd

OOo startup time

Measurements URL

Drug data source

FreeDiams path



Vacc plans URL

Visual SOAP editor



  • Edit on patient change
  • Minimum duration
  • Maximum duration


  • Dormancy

Master data

Manage lists

Addresses (likely slow)

Branded drugs (as marketed)

Codes and their respective terms

Components of branded drugs (substances in brands)

Consumable substances

Diagnostic organizations (path labs, …)

Document templates (forms, letters, plots, …)

Document types

Encounter types

Keyword based text expansion macros

See topic.

Meta test//measurement types

Patient tags

Provinces (counties, territories, states, regions)

String translations in the database

Test/measurement types

Units of organization (branches, sites, departments, parts)

Vaccination targets (conditions known to be preventable by vaccination)


Workspace profiles (which plugins to load)

Update ATC

Update LOINC

This takes 10 to 30 seconds to download

and, on authenticating the gm-dbo password, installs that into the database.

Once a data pack has been provided for updates to LOINC, this can be removed in favor of that.

Create fake vaccines


Add user

Edit users

Change DB owner PWD

Exit (Alt + X)


Temporary directory

IFAP command

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