How to install and run GNUmed on MandrivaLinux 2007.1 and above

  • for the client part several rpm packages exist at (should work with 2007.1 too) thanks to Florian aka doktor5000 from the MUde-rpm-team

  • for the server part there is the hard way and the easy way. The easy way is to use the server rpm package 'gnumed-server'

Installation und Starten von GNUmed auf Mandriva

  • Eine Installationsanleitung befindet sich im Wiki von

The alternative, distribution neutral way is to use the shell script for the server

  • First install the dependencies as follows and set up PostgreSQL:
    • install the dependencies
      • urpmi task-gnumed
    • set up the database
      • service postgresql start
      • passwd postgres
      • su - postgres
      • psql template1
      • create user web_user;
      • create database web_database owner web_user;
      • \q
      • exit
      • service postgresql restart
      • psql -U web_user web_database

  • now either use the setup script or do it by hand:
    • download and untar gnumed-server
    • bootstrap GNUmed server
      • cd GNUmed-v7/server/bootstrap
      • sh

Mandrake Linux 9.1* by Michael Bonert <> (Wed Apr 2 00:17:07 EST 2003)

  • CVS (from the Mandrake CDs): cvs-1.11.5-1mdk
  • postgresql (from the Mandrake CDs): postgresql-7.3.2-5mdk
  • postgresql-devel-7.3.2-5mdk
  • postgresql-python-7.3.2-5mdk
  • postgresql-server-7.3.2-5mdk
  • postgresql-pl-7.3.2-5mdk
  • pgaccess- # nice to have
  • postgresql-docs-7.3.2-5mdk # nice to have
  • wxPythonGTK-py2.2-
  • egenix-mx-base-2.0.4-py2.2_1.i386.rpm)
  • pyPgSQL
    • This package can be installed either from source or from a RPM. Email me (bonerti AT mie DOT utoronto DOT ca) for the RPM.
    • Before installing pyPgSQL make sure you have the following (from the Mandrake CDs):
    • libpython2.2-devel-2.2.2-6mdk
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