Gnumed's lab journal

The lab journal is a Gnumed plugin and consists of three parts itself. It will let you enter the id for each lab request. Here in Germany one usually puts a barcode on each probe container. This request id is needed by the importer. That way it can associate the content of the LDT file with the corresponding patient.

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A second notebook tab within the LabJournal will show you any errors that happened during the import process. Whith the help of the information provided there you or your administrator should have enough information to fix the problem.

Finally the third tab show you lab requests that have been imported successfully by the importer. The lab requests have the status 'unreviewed' but will show up in the test results viewer plugin even if unreviewed. There are two checkboxes next to each lab request. The one in the first column let's you mark the request as reviewed whereas the one in the second column let's you specify if the result is clinically relevant or not. If the lab has marked lab data as abnormal the request will automatically be displayed in RED color.
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