LaTeX is a (macro collection for a) document preparation system. It allows the user to specify what text is supposed to go in various parts of various document types and then goes to great lengths to generate typographically excellent and professional looking documents.

Learn more on Wikipedia. For possible interest is this link which gives examples to argue why LaTex is superior to Office.

For more details than you ever wanted to know, getting help, or finding packages to help with writing LaTeX documents go to CTAN. A possibly-useful wiki book is here.

It's a bit different (but not that much) and it is powerful. Just what the doctor ordered.

For a more down-to-earth approach take a look at LyX.

A good place to ask LaTeX questions:

More references:

package listings:

general formatting & common errors:

fancy headers:

more about enumitem :

---------------------------------- Typesetting tables with LATEX

nice illustration of multirow solutioning:


footnoting and hyperlinks:
Footnotes in LaTeX section headings

troubleshooting: using explain syntax:

changing margins

outdated bits e.g. documentstyle

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