Mac OS Issues

Mac issues experienced to date in GNUmed:

Client GUI issues

Window sizes often awkward (not unique to Mac, but Mac in some cases suffers more). In the case of the main client window opening too large and with its top edge above the screen display, it is fixable using the GNUmed menu Windows > Zoom.

Mac root user ships disabled

This must be rectified before a GNUmed database can be bootstrapped onto the Mac. See

Shell script issues

On the Mac, the shell command su -c seems not supported… lack of which would only (non-fatally) disable one check and one cleanup routine in bootstrapping.

While the alternative opening of a root shell sudo -s in which to run the script would work despite the su -c errors displayed, this too would disable (during one check and one cleanup routine but, so far, non-fatal.


(On Mac) you need to identify where your pdflatex is, and add it to your PATH variable (eg., in your ~/.profile)

(On Mac), Emacs needs creation of /Users/someusername/.MacOSX/environment.plist with particular content:

Postgres on Mac

This has its own wiki page, see Postgres On Mac.

Python on Mac

This can be handled in multiple ways. As a consequence of this detail, these are listed on their own wiki topic (page) Python On Mac.


  • Mac could not properly run from cvs using the base gm-from-vcs file
  • sashwindow's OnSize method requires manual setting
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