Issues when installing GNUmed in a GNU/Linux distribution



Some of the Gnome "Theme Buttons" (Nuovola , Wasp , Lush and Amaranth) have been found to create problems in the display of GNUmed elements for example the headings of tabbed Notelets in the SOAP editor plugin. Also under Gnome and KDE the login button to "Connect" to the designated database must be clicked with the mouse because, despite that it is supposed to be a default button, is not confirmable from the keyboard.

Testing (Squeeze)

As at July 29, 2009 and until some bugs (tracked at udev as #517389 and debian-installer as 533528 would be fixed, Debian Testing (Squeeze) may need to be installed WITHOUT Database Server enabled since if doing so Postgres does not start any cluster at boot. Subsequently doing aptitude install postgresql gnumed-client should then work. If you already did your Squeeze install, see the wiki page TroubleshootPostgreSQL for options.


There may be a problem with shell scripts using the 'su' command because, while in Ubuntu, everything is by default done by 'sudo' command. Check if you executed it with proper permissions.
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