Installation Guide for Linux, MacOSX and other sufficiently POSIXly systems

Semi-Automatic installation

  • please check all dependencies first
  • download this script (as text)
  • make it executable
  • execute it as the user you want to use GNUmed as
    • you will need internet access for that to work, too
    • you will have to specify, at the end of the command, either the GNUmed version number you want installed (if not the name of a tarball) e.g. for v0.4.3:
      ./ 0.4.3
  • GNUmed will be installed into the home directory of this user (below /home/$USER/.gnumed/client-installation/) and can be harmlessly deleted any time you wish to do so
  • the script will offer trying to install needed dependancies
  • it will also put a versioned startup link onto the desktop

Manual installation

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