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This download matrix is mostly obsoleted by the simple guide.

The software is divided into client and backend softwares, as below. Notice of release candidates are posted only on the developer email list. New releases proper (i.e. official releases, suitable for production use) are earliest available as Any Linux/Unix tarballs, which are intended for user-local (not system-wide) usage. Debian deb packages for gnumed-client often enter the 'unstable' distro within about a week, and propagate into 'testing' 10 days later. Packages for other distros vary. Note also that GNUmed-client versions ≥ 0.3x depend on python-wxgtk2.8

Any help in the updating of BinaryPackages would be most appreciated!

GNUmed Client (Python Reference Client)

User releases Status Comments
Windows recent Installation instructions in Deutsch English
Debian/Linux recent Installation instructions
openSUSE/Linux recent Installation instructions
Mandriva/Linux +- recent Installation instructions
Fedora Linux +- recent Installation instructions
PCLinuxOS +- recent Installation instructions
Ubuntu Linux +- recent Installation instructions
Any Linux/Unix newest Manual installation instructions
Mac OS X recent (0.8.x) Installation instructions

Special releases Status Comments
Live CD/USB recent Intel-compatible CD/USB image
  Live CD/USB information Download
GNUmed mobile ed. recent run GNUmed directly from mobile drive (USB, eSATA)
  Instructions Client, Server
Virtual machine on request GNUmed virtual machine for VMware's VMplayer, Instructions

GNUmed Backend (server and database)

As an alternative to installing the server software (and as described elsewhere), people evaluating the client can connect to the slow public demo database.

Developers Status CommentsSorted ascending Download (link)
Linux/Unix newest download latest snapshot. Further instructions for manual installation are here
Linux from CVS newest for those desiring and comfortable with CVS, and to access the newest code
Mac from CVS newest for those desiring and comfortable with CVS, and to access the newest code
Windows from CVS newest for those desiring and comfortable with CVS... also requires eclipse
Debian/Linux recent Installation instructions  
openSUSE/Linux recent Installation instructions 1-click installation

Other Clients

  • a proof-of-concept web client has been intermittently tinkered-with


  • The "client" software is run from a desktop or laptop machine
  • Among the available client installation methods, the easiest include:
  • Whichever method is chosen, the client software will depend on other software, the installation of which is in some cases automatic, but in others purely manual.
  • Some users may choose to install optional helper applications, such as viewers for the DICOM medical images produced in radiology and cardiology departments.
  • At startup, the client will be aimed to connect, via internet, to our public database (userid any-doc with password any-doc ), which can however introduce lags of 30 to 60 seconds for some EMR interactions.
  • At startup, the client can alternatively connect to a local server (if installed), but the installation of the server software -- which creates and manages a new database -- is time-consuming, involved, and best left to persons familiar and comfortable with command line interfaces.

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