The inbox plugin displays and allows as-yet simple management of messages that are either intended for the current logged-in user or which relate to the currently-active patient.

As at version 0.6x of the client, there is no support in the GUI for the creation or redirection of messages by a human user. Some of the messages which can be seen in the demo are a result of the test data import script.

What the client does support is the auto-generation of "virtual" messages which would be better thought of as "notifiers" to reflect the existence of unreviewed results among labs and documents:
  • we used to have one item per patient if there were any unreviewed results for that patient
  • we now have one item for each group of normal and abnormal unreviewed results per patient
  • the above makes it possible to deal with patient priority items without having to be distracted by non-priority results, unless of course desiring to deal with them at the same time once a single patient has been activated
  • sort order is by .importance and then, within importance, by .received_when (most recent on top)
  • importance is denoted by presence or absence of "!" in the first column of the inbox

A non-virtual message can be disposed of by selecting the item, right-clicking, and selecting "delete message". Virtual items would only disappear at the moment that the upstream reason for the item had been dealt with.

Wishlist items:
  • an additional filter ( ) Non-patient related
  • expanded functionality to support a message status of "reviewed" instead of having to go straight to deletion, which would better allow auto-filtered-out "reviewed" items -- whose content had to be re-consulted -- to be unfiltered. The proposal is more fully described in the archive here.
  • in the meantime, a query that would fetch, from the inbox audit table, the messages deleted within the past 7 days, ordered by recency of last-modified is posted on the page GmManualReportGenerator.
Topic revision: 25 Jun 2011, KarstenHilbert
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