Preconfigured GNUmed machines


  • Debian as Host OS
    • because of long-term maintenance via apt-get
    • default configuration
    • cloned repository for apt-get from virtual machine instances ?

  • Debian as Guest OS in virtual machine
    • for easy migration onto replacement server

  • DVD burner for backup
    • pre-configured backup script
    • use of GNotary
    • pushing backups offsite (rsync)




  • DVD/CD device for DICOM CDs

  • scanner device where needed
    • Avision AV121
      • automatic document feeder
      • good support on GNU/Linux, Apple MacOS? X and MS Windows


  • Debian
    • KDE
    • well-configured mailcap entries

  • GNUmed itself
    • pre-configured for KVK readers
    • a few preconfigured workplaces
    • one menu item to start with --debug

  • rsync
    • to receive backups from server

  • firefox
    • with a few useful bookmarks on Medicine and GNUmed

  • jabber client
    • addresses of colleagues
    • message encryption

  • GNotary client

  • KMail
    • message encryption
    • subscription to gnumed-devel pre-configured

  • KOrganizer
    • configured for patient scheduling

  • ideally all this apt-gettable with a meta-package
    • med-practice ?


  • for field trips to patient's homes


  • Lenovo R 60
    • budget IBM Thinkpad, excellent display, fingerprint reader works with linux, fast and stable, full linux support


Just like the stationary machine but:

  • power saving enabled

Useful Windows Applications

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