Discussion on FAQs

the three FAQs originally at http://www.gnumed.org have been, or can be, retired or moved
  • the gnumed.org Python FAQ seems technical further taking people off-site with links about the technologies so vote we move it off the main FAQ page to a separate section dealing with technical matters
  • we can delete the gnumed.org "Why Free" FAQ provided people are satisfied with my having merged it into the current set
  • the FAQ named Open Source has multiple FAQ in it - some might be kept as "additional information" but it confuses matters with OSS-Med in Australia and I have emailed them proposing we clarify and/or move any reference to OSS-Med

similar FAQs do exist at OSCAR ??
  • we might wish to put forward some of the same message
  • we might create a FAQ about other Open Source medical projects like OSCAR to add legitimacy, -OR- do we worry it will take people away from the gnumed site? (we could propose to OSCAR that we each provide a link to each other)

proposed FAQs
  • are any too long? In general, any FAQ answer could be kept simple but link (or not link) to more detail elsewhere. The answer should be long enough though to be useful and to present a complete idea. I hate "answers" that don't really answer the FAQ!. Don't know if any of what is "too long" should be transferred to an online "scratchpad" until we decide what to do with it.-- JamesBusser? - 09 Feb 2004
  • I have been playing around with the order (sequence) - feel free to adjust questions, answers, sequence, or insert a new FAQ.--
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