GNUmed is a comprehensive scalable software solution for paperless medical practice with emphasis on privacy protection, secure patient-centric record sharing, decision support and ease of use.

GNUmed is released under the GNU General Public Licence, see the file LICENCE for details. The GNUmed website is based at .

Why spell it "GNUmed"?

Beyond the attraction to preserve "GNU", and (for wiki reasons) to sidestep "GnuMed", the following was pointed out...

'> I asked my 10 year old what he thought of GNUMed first, and he asked
'> "What does GNUM mean?" - in other words, he interpreted GNUMed as the
'> past participle of a verb GNUM. When I showed him GNUmed he got the idea
'> that it was really two words, and I was able to show him this page in
'> response to the inevitable question:
'> at which point he said
'> 'Oh, GNUmed must be medicine for sick kalabaw' (kalabaw=Tagalog for
'> water buffalo, and "meds" is Filipino-English as used by his mother to
'> refer to medicines).

Is it pronounced "Gah noo" or "Noo"?

"Gah noo", unless you can produce the African click sound. See tongue in cheek video of [[[]Richard Stallman's instruction]] on this.
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