Customizing Backend Login

GNUmed reads backend information from its configuration files (such as this one). The information is aggregated and merged from all the configuration files it can find. Options are loaded in order from system-wide to user-local configuration files. This way you can partially define profiles in separate configuration files or override options within more specific files.

There must be a list option profiles under the group [backend] in at least one of those. This option defines which profiles will be offered for selection in the login dialog. Example:
profiles = $profiles$
public GNUmed database
local GNUmed database
This defines two backend profiles to select from in the login dialog. Each profile holds a collection of options defining how to access a particular backend. Example:
[profile public GNUmed database]
host =
port = 5432
database = gnumed_v9
encoding = UTF8
public/open access = 1
help desk = <>
This defines the options for the backend profile public GNUmed database which is seen in the profile listing above.

  • to connect to localhost via UNIX domain sockets leave the option host empty
  • the database will have to be adjusted with most major releases
    • usually this will be done by either your package maintainer or your local system administrator
    • for configuration files in a user home directory this may need to be done by the user
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