Appointment handling in GNUmed

Currently, GNUmed supports KOrganizer and Terminiko for appointment handling.

KOrganizer support

Make sure you have KOrganizer and konsolekalendar installed. The latter is needed to access appointments. Then configure your workplace such that the gmKOrganizerPlugin plugin is loaded. This will only work under Linux with sufficient amounts of KDE installed. Then, by extension, you can use any KDE calendar source, such as Google Calendar.


The plugin will query KOrganizer for today's appointments whenever it is raised. Appointment changes in KOrganizer show up in the plugin either when [Reload] is pressed or when the plugin is lowered and raised again.

The [KOrganizer] button allows you to start/raise KOrganizer from within GNUmed.

Double-clicking a row will try to activate the patient based on the information in the column Patient which corresponds to the "title" field of the KOrganizer appointment dialog. Note that a patient selection dialog may appear if the identifying information is ambigous.

Terminiko support

This will work under Windows and (still partially) under Wine.

Currently, you will have to manually start Terminiko. Upon startup or whenever you go to Extras, BDT-Import Terminiko will read the current patient from GNUmed if properly configured.
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