The Review System in GNUmed

In GNUmed certain clinical items (currently test results, documents and foundational health issues) can be associated with a structured review. Such a review contains some or all of the following fields:

The clinician who reviewed an item.
When was an item reviewed.
A free-text comment by the reviewer.
Whether or not this item is outside the technical reference range. There may be interpersonal differences depending on the reference group. Also, a result that is abnormal in one patient may be quite expected in another. This is reflected in the clinical target range.
Abnormality indicator
This may be present to reflect the degree of abnormality of an item.
Regardless of whether an item falls outside the expected range it may be of clinical significance or not. This setting reflects the overall importance of the item in the clinical context of the patient.

Some items will have an associated intended reviewer which details the clinician expected to take responsibility for evaluating an item and acting on it.
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