TCM Plugin for GNUmed

Current available data bases

Database Language License Comment NL ? free access GER creative commons 40MB *.mdb file by Peter Weinfurth, Ennepetal US commercial Access to entire DB: $30.00 per month TW,EN ? offtopic for this project because of molecular approach

The primary key for the database

  • latin name would walk a long way.
  • chinese names
    • chinese names in latin transcription(pinyin), all letters lower case w/o white spaces, e.g. "Jin Ying Zi" -> key: jinyingzi
    • but this may lead to duplications
    • diacritical signs and apostrophes (which are used to mark pronounciation) would be a bad choice for a machine readable primary key.

Project information

= Title (Name of the idea) =
 * Status : Planning
 * Contact : Axel Wachtler
 * Last Update : 01 Mar 2012

== Synopsis ==

Provide a GNUmed Plugin that accesses a free database
of chinese herbs and drugs.

== Short description ==

The TCM-Plugin shall use a free data collection and display chinese herbs
and medical drugs in the GNUmed frontend with an easy usable interface to
generate prescriptions.

== Longer explanation ==

This project is seperated into three work packages.

a) definition of an exchange format for chinese herb/drug information

b) provide a python tool, for information gathering and colaboration.

c) implement a tools that create data packages from the Web-content, that 
   can be locally installed.

d) implement a plugin for the GNUmed frontend that displays that information.

=== Graphical mockup (if appropriate) ===

    +-----------------+  - registered users can submit content
    | TCM-Info-Server |  - all users can download data packs
    +-------+----------+ - data pack is displayed in GNUmed
    | local PC         | - the user can edit/sign/submit information
    +------------------+ - notes marked as private are stored locally
                         - private notes can be changed to public information.


=== Design document ===

== Code ==

=== Where to get it? ===

=== How to build it? ===

== Miscellaneous information == 

=== How to install it? ===

=== How to use it? ===

=== Where to discuss it? ===

=== How to know more about it? ===

=== How to contribute? ===
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