• FreeDiams is part of the FreeMedForms project by Eric Maeker, MD (France)
  • it is free, open source software, developed with the Qt libs
  • documentation is available in French and English
  • FreeDiams has the potential to become what drugref was intended to be


  • multi-OS, UTF8 and fully open source
  • multi-lingual GUI (French, English, German thus far) with support for multiple country databases, depending only on available data and user participation
  • operates standalone and with EMRs
  • powerful, sophisticated and flexible
    • supports wild card * searching
    • highly configurable, allowing granular prescribing elements to be assembled in various combinations into storable templates that also support digital watermarks
    • allows the saving (and reloading) of prescription files
  • can be run in "nomadic mode" i.e. from a USB key

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