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GNUmed Enhancement Proposals

Purpose of GNUmed Enhancement Proposals

In a FOSS software community, a lot of very good ideas get thrown into the place, but it is more difficult to get things done. People usually contribute to a FOSS project because they enjoy doing so, and as all things in life, their enthusiasm is not constant over time. Apart from bits-and-pieces kinds of help that is always appreciated (see FAQ on simple contributions), we believe that setting up small but powerfull separated dedicated places to develop ideas, not so far from the core project, but not too tied to its processes, will benefit to both the project and the ideas.

Ideas are free to develop in any direction, and the core project is free to develop using its (likely slower) processes, without impacting each other negatively. When ideas have matured enough, they are ready to integrate the development processes of the core project. We think that it will benefit our users, developers, and anyone that is part of the GNUmed community.

What is an GNUmed Enhancement?

GNUmed Enhancements are software projects being developed around GNUmed core project. The results of these projects are ussually patches that enhance GNUmed's project's functionalities. However, it could also be a documenting project, or anything else that helps the community of GNUmed users and contributors.

The GNUmed Enhancement Proposals area is the ideal place to develop an idea. The principle is quite simple :

  • You have an idea that would enhance GNUmed you'd want to push forward.
  • You document it in a separate wiki page (say MyNeatEnhancement??) that is linked from the GNUmed Enhancement Proposals area. This Wiki page would follow the template given here.
  • Hopefully, your extension gets enough attention to become usable, clean and useful for a significant part of users.
  • It gets integrated to the project for which it has been developed.

How to create an GNUmed Enhancement Proposal?

You will need a TWiki account with Wiki write access. In order to get this account, you should introduce your Enhancement to the community by posting a description of it on the gnumed-devel mailing list. Please, write this e-mail with great care, because it is how you'll get some attention in the first place.

Once you have a Wiki write access, you should:

  • Create a Wiki page on the GNUmed Wiki with a name like GMEP_{RevID}_description
  • Follow the following template:
= Title (Name of the idea) =

== Summary ==

 * Status : {Planning, Alpha, Beta, Stable, Mature}
 * Contact : Someone (
 * Last Update : date of last update.

== Synopsis ==

== Short description ==

== Longer explanation ==

=== Graphical mockup (if appropriate) ===

=== Design document ===

== Code ==

=== Where to get it? ===

=== How to build it? ===

== Miscellaneous information == 

=== How to install it? ===

=== How to use it? ===

=== Where to discuss it? ===

=== How to know more about it? ===

=== How to contribute? ===
  • Put a link to it from the GNUmed Enhancement Proposals home page.
  • Put any information that helps using it in your Enhancement's wiki page.

Should you encounter any problem in one of the above-mentionned steps, please raise the issue on our Live support chat or on the gnumed-devel mailing list.

How to contribute to a GNUmed Enhancement?

If you wish to contribute to a GNUmed Enhancement, you should post a message on the gnumed-devel mailing list that says how you're willing to contribute to which GNUmed Enhancement.

Current Enhancement Proposals

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