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See also DevelopmentPlanner.

Documentation is under review on the gnumed-devel list. See Future

  • GnumedManual
    • this is where new documentation has, to date, been "built"
    • jump points (Twiki "anchors") can be and have been inserted anywhere in the manual, and links to these anchors placed onto other pages (and named) however appropriate.
    • the manual contents originally supplemented what was provided in the CVS draft manuals but should, over time, supercede (replace) what was there

  • Widget Documentation?

  • Documentation Index was initiated to hold manual links to the manual as well as to any useful external documentation however may be hard to maintain. May overlap linking already done eslewhere as in DevelopmentReference

  • there is now discussion of constructing the manual offline, using reST.
  • port any parts of the existing manuals that need to be changed
  • keep an eye on DocBookWiki? which, although presently at alpha, may prove very useful for its ability to handle XML SGML and wiki syntax
  • add a 'How To" for translation (not yet developed)
    • refer to this posting
  • consider EClass.Builder -- a wxPython application to develop CD, web-based or print (PDF) tutorials or documentation; more at the gnumed-devel archive

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