next generation GNUmed PR and documentation effort

contact: Sebastian Hilbert

motivation: four years of GNUmed developent and I still get to hear the same phrases like "GNUmed is so secret, only a secret circle is allowed to work on it" or "how far is GNUmed , can I rule the world with it and get it free".

I have identified some areas where GNUmed as a project sucks. This is documentation, public relations and GNUmed's web presence.

phase 1: planning

  • solve the web presence / domain chaos (created by me :-))
  • no matter which domain you choose, you will get the same content
    • I will work with subdomains where possible

  • set up more mailing lists on savannah
    • gnumed-devel
    • gnumed-users

phase 2: do it

  • install subdomains where possible
Topic revision: 04 Jul 2009, SebastianHilbert
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