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A hibernating open source project EGADSS informs how GNUmed and other EMRs could in future usefully retool their "export"-like functions. It produced a tool... designed to work in conjunction with primary care Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems... to provide patient specific point of care reminders... Centralizing guideline management under one tool to permit easier maintenance of the content."

Wish it had an XML-RPC interface like this:

context = egdass_server.get_context_template(type = 'treatment advice', topic='diabetes')

print context.cookie context.set('dob', ...) context.set('insulin dependant', True) context.set('last HbA1c?', yesterday(), lab.value('HbA1c', yesterday))

success = False while not success: success, advice = egdass_server.get_advice(context = context) if success: break print advice -> "last fasting sugar" (mainly for programmers to get it right) input = get_user_input(advice) context.set(advice, yesterday(), input)

print advice -> "Looks good, keep on regime"

Possible implementation:

They do have a SOAP interface (as in web services) which sort of supports the API I was talking about:

cda_advice = getRecommendations(cda_document) print cda_advice

And, yes, there are SOAP bindings for Python.

So if anyone wants to explore creating CDA docs (use Chetah) from within GNUmed and send them to EGADSS I would very much welcome that effort (Syan ? grin)

I would eventually suggest integrating with GNUmed like so:

start GNUmed client

load patient - get recommendations - display them

user acts on patient - possibly manually invoke "get recommendations"

load another patient - before switching get recommendations for old patient again - display them - then switch patient
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