Debian Packaging Guide for GNUmed

The latest packages in Debian can always be found through Debian's package search

Andreas Tille recently posted a guide on how to roll private deb packages in case you cannot wait.

It is actually not that hard.  Basically four steps:

   1. Rename the tarball to gnumed-client_<version>.orig.tar.gz
      (mind the underscore before the version!) and unpack the
   2. Copy the debian directory into the unpacked source directory.
      (you can obtain the current debian directory either by
       'apt-get source gnumed-client' or from SVN)
   3. Edit debian/changelog to reflect the new version and
      say 'debuild'
   4. Install the resulting packages.

This might even be an option to backport a new gnumed version
to a stable system if you fear the dependencies from testing.
Topic revision: 01 Jul 2009, SebastianHilbert
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