Installation on Debian

This page is out of date but is being kept for some of the information that has not yet been refactored. In the meantime it is recommended to link from the DebianGuideShort and DebianGuideLong pages.

Debian Server (Postgres and Postmaster) installation

As there have been some problems with local installation of Postgres, if people's aim is just to try out GNUmed and they have limited Postgres experience they may prefer to configure the clients to just use the public servers

  • this post Nov 7, 2004 concerns authenticating gnumed users who are not system users. The client connection to the public database works, but there is a known problem with connection to local databases (i.e. not possible) hoped at Nov 14, 2004 to be solved soon.
  • additional suggestions concerning installation are available here

  1. postgres
    • bootstrapping works quite well in the gnumed-snapshot-server* packages
      • might be a problem if you start from scratch, or if you use the localized packages
    • the users which are necessary to create are created by the postinst script of the gnumed-snapshot-server package.
      • no other users should be needed
      • if this is wrong (i.e. other users are needed), Andreas Tille would like to know
    • configuration is done in /etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf
    • the (hopefully) smallest changes to the postgresql permissions are done in the postinst script of gnumed-snapshot-server
  2. postmaster
    • Starting services is done via
      /etc/init.d/ [start|stop|restart|...]
    • thus, after changing something under /etc/postgresql/, issue
      /etc/init.d/postgresql restart
  3. to later bootstrap the latest version from CVS, the postinst script containing the right options for the Debian installation can be found at
    • /var/lib/dpkg/info/gnumed-snapshot-server.postinst

GNUmed client

For people concerned that Gnumed may have undergone much CVS development after creation of the last .deb, just grab the debian/ directory and say:
   ~> make -f rules get-orig-source    # Builds an orig.tar.gz from CVS
   ~> tar -xzf *.orig.tar.gz
   ~> cp -a debian/ <gnumed-dir>
   ~> cd <gnumed-dir>
   ~> debuild -k'Your GPG-key-ID <>'

For those trying to do their own builds from source, note the caveats at:
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