Forms Storage in the GnuMed Database


  • forms must be formally defined
  • form revisions may not overwrite each other when upgrading
  • form sets (eg by country) may not conflict with each other
  • any form entered into the system must be reproducible at any time
  • form definitions are never removed, only put out of use
  • the ways of using a filled-in form may not be limited
  • the way of using a filled-in form may not be fixed


Service reference

  • form_types

  • form_defs
    • defines the forms itself, eg name, revision, template, engine, applicability etc.

  • form_field_types

  • form_fields
    • defines the form fields (name, type, help text, etc)
    • links them to the form they belong to (which is defined in form_defs)

Service clinical

  • form_instances
    • stores actual, filled-in forms

  • form_data
    • store form field content

Service office

  • form_job_targets
    • types of form queues such as fax, printer, etc.

  • form_job_queue
    • list of pending form jobs

How it all fits together

more to follow

-- KarstenHilbert - 27 Jan 2005
Topic revision: 29 Jan 2005, KarstenHilbert
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