Database Schema

For a conceptual overview, see the DbStructure page.

For an abbreviated listing of essential demographic, clinical, reference and blobs tables, see the CareRelatedTablesV20 page.

For the actual Postgres table layouts, refer to the following formats (generated via PG autodoc):

Older, and per-schema, files:

Cautions about the HTML output:
  • lists foreign key references, but does not show the ON UPDATE/DELETE behaviour (available in the /server/sql/ files)
  • lists formal COMMENT ON ... entries, but not the in-line commenting from the sql files
  • does not show multicolumn UNIQUE constraints -- for example 'unique (id_patient, description)' for the table clin.health_issue
  • does not show inheritance, though it can be inferred when fields interposed above a table's primary key field (available in the /server/sql/ files)

Or else you could take a look at dumps of the public database (again, generated daily):

To get down to the nitty-gritty details you might want to take a look at

which are used to bootstrap the database.

Also available:

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