• HL7 import problems
    • "Importing HL7 data" dialog - see screenshot
      • "No" button is supposed to result in a search for matches, but did not seem to do so; note: my "wrong" data for Kirk's dob matched the data in the HL7 file, so should have been offered
      • "Show button" not yet working
      • typo in the alert window "explicitely" --> should be explicitly

  • Inbox
    • relabel All radio button to instead be 'To all'
    • re-sequence / regroup (refactor) some radio buttons and check boxes (Expired)
    • relabel column Sent (or Created) to 'Generated'

  • Overview
    • a positive-results query for one or more suppressed hints to be shown in Reminders pane as "suppressed: …"
    • double-click on Reminders listing of suppressed hints to open EMR > Add / Edit > Suppressed hints manager

  • Placeholders
    • diagnose if a problem exists with gen_suburb
    • make gen_address dialog bigger

Possibly fixed:

  • confirm the following as having gotten committed and (later) rolled out
    • in 1.5.3 disabling of import of simplejson
    • HL7 matching on name to be case-insensitive

  • HL7 import problems
    • problems unwrapping XML - reference
      • → retest against newer code which uses hl7 0.3.2

Closed or approximately so …

  • Measurements plugin problems
    • measurements display area needs to be better sized example
    • failure to supply scrollbars when measurements exceed window size example
      • → these are (both?) upstream wx problems, try minor resizing of window, minimize / restore etc

  • patches to scripting
    • restore database - needs to chown to postgres:postgres the directory that encloses sql files
      • → no, users better need to tar from inside the directory containing the sql files
    • gm-adjust_db_settings
      • → since modified to accommodate port specification
Topic revision: 27 Jan 2015, JamesBusser
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