Creating and maintaining binary packages

Versioning convention

  • plan is to go 0.1 -- 0.2 -- 0.3 etc until we put together a version we proudly call 1.0
  • minor bugfix releases are tracked and designated by an additional (third) integer, 0.1.1, 0.1.2 ... 1.0.1 etc.


MS Windows


All platforms

  • BitRock
    • non free - supplies free licenses to developers of FOSS
    • caters for Linux, MacOSX and Windows with same look and feel
    • multiple interfaces GUI/non-GUI

Some hints on how to start:

1) decide which platform you want to target (see above)

2) find out which tool you want to use on that platform (see above / google is your friend)

3) get yourself a snapshot of the source as anonymous user

4) build installer (see above) … a topic TarballContents may help

5) ask on Mailinglist if you need help (e.g. target directories)

6) announce result on Mailinglist

7) party enjoy the praise
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