Barcode creation and printing

create barcodes - GNU barcode - kbarcode - quite powerful, database access, barcode printer support

read barcodes - cheap barcode scanner called CueCat?( sold for 10bucks at ebay) - contact me if you want to develop this feature and want to borrow one of my cuecats

print barcodes - use dedicated barcode printer (I've seen a Zebra Technologies LP2824) - use a standard document printer

lab module
Our lab sends us barcodes we stick to the tube after dawing a blood sample. As of now (with a commercial software) one has to associate the barcode/number with a patient. From within GNUmed we could either use a barcode scanner to recognize the barcode or print the barcode without using pre-made barcode.

Our lab won't send the individual barcode sets for sample and form they use internally, they just give us copies of one to identify us on all our forms. I'm implementing a label printer using a Zebra TLP2824, it may get barcodes added to it if I find a need. AKM The TLP 2824 is easy enough to run from a Linux box. I have some Python code to send its printer control language to it which will be made available. This gives a form label and a pair of bottle labels each on a 2" by 1" label.

Labels for identifying patient notes packets with a large number and a single dimension barcode are also easy to turn out. How useful the barcode is remains to be seen.

The lab has now decided to move to a 2D barcode using PDF417 symbology on their paper request forms. While the Zebra can produce this, I shall probably use GNU barcode with the PDF417 backend from Sourceforge and an HP LaserJet? to print directly onto the forms (which are of course a non-standard size). Experimentally this produces a reasonable barcode, and I'll make further notes when we have it running.

-- AdrianMidgley - 04 Oct 2005

document archive
Our main problem is to keep track of the paper documents after we converted them to digital images. Therefore we create a unique identifier which is written on the paper. Once we store them we pretty much file them under the patient id. What would really help is to print barcodes for each document.

See subsection titled 'Charts Management System' in the 'Success Stories / User Feedback' section on kbarcode's homepage (
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