Write some code that takes a list of patient IDs (or None for all patients) and writes the clinical data to a text file. The range of data should be contrainable by start and end times. If there's only one patient ID it should also be constrainable by health issue, episode, and encounter. Something similar is in gmEMRTextDump.py already but it needs to be broadened to include issue, episode and encounter data.

Readibility is the only concern. This is to attest to our intent to make export available.

0.1 should simply export the EMR data into a text file. One or several patients. All, or time range or issue/episode/encounter constrained.

I want it to be there to make it clear right from the beginning that GNUMed will export all of its data upon request and even with this simple tool I can
  • already generate useful text files for inclusion in legacy-app referral letters, such as a dump of the lab data in a given time range
  • generate a complete listing of a patient's chart for encrypted mailing to his next treating physician
  • generate a full cleartext dump of all my e charts for zipping/hashing/signing
  • for dumping and printing every evening while we cannot fully trust GNUMed to be solid yet.

The resulting code should be callable standalone so we can just export a range of patients and from within GNUMed so that we can export the active patient.

Export has two directions to go off into:

  • export formats: you name it
  • export amount: eventually, a widget permitting selection of health problems, episodes, encounters, time ranges, data types (SOAP style) in nearly arbitrary combinations and makes the data thus selected available to a next-in-chain formatter. The widget could be initialized with some constraints (same ones as listed above). But all that is post 0.1

refer to thread http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/gnumed-devel/2004-04/msg00003.html
Pending: fixating some related restrictions a) demographics: add more information fields b) allergies: add type of reaction c) Course of treatment: Pending lab results item Patient course of treatment is in current implementacion shown as a tree grouped like this: health issues -> episodes -> encounters -> items ... and ordered by date. Should we provide a tree structured view of items, or we should display them as date ordered list of similar items, as in http://webpatdata.mine.nu/DavidGuest/DavidGuest.html, or maybe try an alternate mixed way? d) Medical documents: pending

http://webpatdata.mine.nu/DavidGuest/DavidGuest.html username: webpatdata, password: remoteaccess
posted from http://mail.gnu.org/archive/html/gnumed-devel/2004-04/msg00004.html

early related threads:

-- JamesBusser? - 7 Apr 2004

Consider exporting to xml, but only if this doesn't have patent implications.
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