Difference: GnumedManual (r103 vs. r102)

The GNUmed Manual

User Guide

Before you start

  • Principles of the GNUmed System
    • never endanger or render invalid any patient data (eg. when retiring forms) - Caveat: error reports
    • never change user configuration data w/o asking for confirmation (eg. doc types)

First Steps

Record Keeping

Medication / Substance Use Management

Test Results Management

Vaccinations Management

Document Management

Workflow Management

Module Descriptions

Menu Reference

Advanced Topics

Administrator Guide

Server Maintenance

Client Maintenance

Tested/Suggested Hardware

Developer Guide



The Backend

The Frontend

The Middleware

  • please ask

The Source Code Repository

3rd party projects used with GNUmed

Licensing status of 3rd party data

  • read about those licenses here

Archives: draft Developer manuals

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